DAX German Pilsner

DAX  is an exquisite pilsner brewed with a dedication to craftmanship and an eye for the Australian market.

It’s aromatic nose, vigorous carbonation, and dry finish will satisfy the most demanding palate. It has been specially brewed and bottled in Germany and imported to Australia.

DAX Certificate of Analysis

330mls – Alc:  5.0%

Tasting notes from the DAX German Head Brewer

“An aromatic, spicy-hop nose, with subtle pale malt flavors. It finishes clean and extremely refreshing, with the hop profile being the main attraction. An extremely enjoyable drink on a warm summers afternoon”

History of Pilsners

Pilsners originated in the Czech Republic when it was a part of the German-Speaking Hungarian Empire. They tend to be light in colour, ranging from light straw to golden, depending on the specific brew you’re sipping on. The strong hop flavour, spicy floral flavours and crisp refreshing flavour that pilsners offer have led them to become arguably the most popular beer style in the world.

DAX – The REAL meaning:

1) Commonly used to describe the embodiment of someone who retains a high level of sexual stamina and an insatiable libido, although keeping in tact a cool demeanor and reflective persona in which can easily charm either opposing, or same gender.

2) It can otherwise be used to explain someone who retains a high intelligence to the level of a god-like extent, although usually very humble about it.

For Example
1) “Woah, now that’s Dax; he didn’t just get to third base with the Cheerleading Captain, but also scored with our Science Teacher!”

2) “Man, that Dax like guy just answered a College-leveled question without a trouble.”

Which would best describe you?