DAX – your new beer of choice!

Since 1946 the D’Aquino family have been involved in all facets of the Alcohol industry, including retail, wholesale, importing, exporting as well as spirits and wine production. Over these 70 years and 4 generations they have learnt a thing or two about what Australians want to drink.

They have witnessed firsthand the explosion of craft beer; but those in the know, realise you cannot live on Craft Beer alone.

Australians are looking for something new in their beers, but they don’t want to forgo drinkability, or the thirst quenching ability of a beer after a hard days work.

Rex D’Aquino, the third generation of his family,  has identified a niche in the market; a fully imported beer that is as  enjoyable on it’s 2nd and 3rd glass, as it is on it’s first.

He also realised Australians are getting tired of drinking international beer brands which are brewed in suburban Australia and paying a premium for it.

Rex was able to use his extensive international network to approach one of the largest German brewers. After a number of personal meetings with their senior management team, he convinced them to create a new Pilsner style, uniquely suited to Australian drinkers and our climate.

It took a number of trials and experimentation before Rex and the Head Brewer got the recipe right, but the proof is in the bottle.

The result is DAX – your new beer of choice!